11 Best PC Repair Tools for Windows (10/11/7/8)


Best PC Repair Tools are specific software for encountering the specific issues related to your digital machine and neutralizing them smartly and making your PC a perfect machine. These tools improve the functionality of the PC by cleaning the PC with the help of customizing the system. 

As we know, a PC resembles multiple interconnected components that make it run. The optimization capabilities of these tools enhance the performance of PC by detecting faulty drivers, malware, stuck updates, and other nasty issues.?

Multiple PC repairing tools are available with free as well as paid versions. It is difficult to select one with positive features. Here we arrange a list of the best PC repairing software for you to select and use for fixing the issues automatically.

FixWin for Windows 10

FixWin is a freeware portable tool for fixing a plethora of operating systems regarding Windows 10 issues. It is including with six sections; File Explorer, Windows 10, Internet & Connectivity, System Tool, Troubleshooter, and other additional fixes. It can exclusively fix 50 issues related to Windows 10.


FixWin for Windows 10 Features

  1. The tool needs not any installation process, just download and launch the program to fix the issues that may cause of malfunctioning of vital features of Windows 10.
  2. It offers at least 10 fixes for every component. Some fixes require reboot, but it is up to you, as it is inform you when you tap a ?Fix? button
  3. It can fix any type of issue like simply solve corrupt recycle bin and other advanced issue like restoring of registry editor.
  4.  It can remove the warning boxes, fix automatic updates, and restores the sticky notes easily.
  5. It is free of cost.

Website: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/fixwin-for-windows-10


CPU-Z is a freeware tool for detecting the issues of different parts of your Windows 11; motherboard, RAM, CPU, graphics card, and so on. It checks all parts of Windows and profiles them. It is compatible with both desktop Windows and Android devices.


CPU-Z Features

  1. It thoroughly analysis the functionality of the system and informs you about any issue if detected.
  2. You can get information about current performance of your digital machine without opening the hardware or adding any command.
  3. It can preset the raw data into correct form for you to read it easily.
  4. It requires some technical skill.
  5. It is free of cost and doesn?t require even any hidden charges.
  6. It can?t repair the PC automatically, it just analysis, monitors, and profiles the major parts of system and reports the specification and performance of your system.

Website: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

IOBit Driver Booster

IOBit Driver Booster with advanced driver boosters boosts the PC functionality while fixing about 300,000 components of your PC. It updates the driver with the creation of a system restore point. It can update the internal as well as external driver?s issues.


IOBit Driver Booster Features

  1. It is a presentation of an authentic industry with fool-proof security of passing the test of WHQL and IObit.
  2. It not only solves and updates 300,000 internal drivers, but also solve the issues of external drivers related to the printer, mouse, or Bluetooth.
  3. It offers 24/7 customer support. 
  4. The driver booster is including with three tabs; Outdated, UpToDate, and Action Center. First two tabs displays the list of drivers with their current status, and third one is for showing download links for other IOBit utilities.
  5. It is safe for searching and downloading the latest driver, update even when offline, restore the driver also. 
  6. It offers a free trial version for 14-days, and you can purchase the Pro version $19.95 for one PC and $22.95for three PCs.

Website: https://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php

Windows Repair by Tweaking

Windows Repairing by Tweaking improves the performance of your PC by overcoming common issues like malware, file permissions; Windows update issues, installation issues of software on your device. The powerful and versatile tool offers a step-by-step process to inspect the stability of your system, detect issues, and resolve them automatically. 


Windows Repair by Tweaking Features

  1. Enhance the system performance by updating it automatically.
  2. It can fix a wide range of issues including with resetting of Registry Permissions, Start Menu repairing, icon repairing, file per missions, hosts file repairing, file association repairing, print spooler repairing, and lot of other.
  3. You will find the tool more effective if you run it in ?Safe Mode?. The tool has ?Reboot to Safe Mode? for to give you fastest rebooting process.
  4. Portable feature of the tool enables you to take it anywhere via USB.
  5. The Pro version offers multiple features; auto-updating, memory cleaning, boosts driver cleaning, run speed tweaks, quick link menu of Windows, and so on.
  6. The app is freeware with lot of basic features. You can avail the ?Pro Version? $24.95 per year for one PC and $44.95 per year for three PCs. 

Website: https://www.tweaking.com/

Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is another comprehensive repair of multiple issues of PC like cleaning the drive, boosting up the PC performance, and fool-proof security as well as privacy. It cleans the storage by clearing the temporary and cache files, removes the cookies, and informs you about suspicious websites. 


Outbyte PC Repair Features

  1. Enhance the performance of your PC by fixing more than 100 common issues and keep away your operating system from malware or other such bad attacks. It keeps your system stable to enable/disable Windows features and informs you about missing updates.
  2. You will get rid of temporary creating issues such as wrong download or surfing suspicious websites etc.
  3. A lightweight built-in scanner scans the PUA?s or Unnecessary Apps for detecting malware.
  4. It is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7.
  5. You can avail free trial version for 7-days and purchase the full version $29.95. 

Website: https://outbyte.com/

Microsoft Fix it Tool

Microsoft Fix it Tool is an easy-to-use and trustworthy built-in tool of Microsoft. Just open the built-in troubleshooter and monitor the issues to resolve them. The process is very simple; click the ?Start? button from the desktop bar to run the troubleshooter, open settings, select ?Update and Security and next ?Troubleshoot? option and click the ?Run the Troubleshooter?, here you need to answer some queries, and the tool will start its process.


Microsoft Fit it Tool Features

  1. The tool is a very effectively downloaded the solution from Microsoft while covering all components of PC to resolve any issue that occurs. 
  2. It scans and detects any issues like crashes, performance, audio, and hardware, and solves them easily.
  3. It is effective for both novices and professionals.
  4. It is free of cost 

Website: Microsoft Fix it Tool

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is an open-source and freeware tool for making your PC drivers up-to-date. It scans thoroughly and informs you about the installation of new drivers. The tool is available for 32-bit and 64-bit and enables you to update or install the latest drivers on multiple devices simultaneously. 


Snappy Driver Installer Features

  1. The tool is easy-to-use and simple, just click ?Download Indexes Only?, and wait for completing of scanning process. It will show you a list of drivers, you can select the required drivers, and click to ?Create New Restore Point? and next tab to ?Install? button. Wait for completing the installation process and then restart the system.
  2. It saves you from duplicate or invalid drivers and you can download packs of drivers simultaneously. 
  3. It can update drivers even in offline.
  4. Locate and open INF files easily
  5. It is free of cost and compatible with all types of devices.

Website: https://sdi-tool.org/

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer offers a complete suite of features for the stability of the system. It enhances the PC performance with a plethora of improvements and optimizations. You can create a combination of disk space with Defrag. It is compatible with all types of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. 


Ashampoo WinOptimizer Features

  1. The fresh and revamped interface with multiple styles is very easy-to-use. Tap to ?Search? button and an optimizing process will be start that will inform you entire detail about system. 
  2. Make sure of the security of your important files with ?backup? option to roll back your changes in case of messing of things due to cleaning process.
  3.  Clear a lot of space from multiple modules with the help of WinOptimizer and use Disk Doctor Feature for analyzing the latest state of drivers.
  4. Privacy Control module for Windows 10 is a nifty touches for managing the type of data that would be shared with Microsoft.
  5. The free version works very effectively. You can avail Pro version with advanced features with $14.99 lifetime license. 

Website: https://www.ashampoo.com/en-us/winoptimizer

AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is one of the best tools for optimizing the performance of multiple parts including browser cleanup, system cache, logs cleanup, repair of damage shortcuts, restore registries, and so on. The auto-identification of multiple errors with displaying of thorough detail and offering the solution is a very quick and simple process. 


AVG TuneUp Features

  1. The ?Sleep Mode? technology boosts up the performance with eligibility of detecting and removing the blotware and other unwanted software installed on your digital machine.
  2. The auto-process of tracking the leftovers, registry issues, browser traces, cache, cookies to get rid them of and clear a smart storage for other important downloading s. 
  3. It is little bit slow but scans thoroughly to monitor disk fragmentation and other optimizing tasks to increase the work capacity of your system.
  4. It emphasis on optimizing the performance instead of correcting the errors.
  5. The free trial version is available for 30-days and you can avail pro version with $39.99.
  6. It works more effectively for Windows 10 and Windows 11 also. 

Website: https://www.avg.com/en-us/avg-pctuneup

CCleaner Technician Edition

CCleaner Technician Edition is the best offer for the business community that works more conveniently to scan cookies, browser history, temporary files related to the browser, and files of apps. One-click tool flushes out the large amount of unwanted data related to files, data, and settings. It is reliable for both situations; try in the field or through remote use. 


CCleaner Technician Edition Features

  1. 100% safe from any type of bug, spyware, or adware.
  2. Boosts up the overall PC performance by clearing the large amount of space to run in the background without disturbing your other activities.
  3. It offers a plethora of features like registry cleaner, an uninstaller, a startup manager, browser plug in manager, duplicate finder, and cleans up your old system with the help of a driver wiper. 
  4. It will uninstall all unnecessary apps or software automatically without using the control panel. 
  5. The in-depth scanning will help you to get rid of unnecessary clog in the Windows registry.
  6. You can avail it for $24.95 lifetime license.

Website: https://www.ccleaner.com/business/ccleaner-technician-edition


Defencebyte is an incredible tool that can clean the registry and optimize the PC?s performance miraculously. It detects the dangerous content from the system and fixes it by utilizing a lot of comprehensive technologies. It informs you about the damaged parts of the system and indicates the remaining storage space of RAM and CPU. 


Defencebyte Features

  1. It offers fool-proof privacy by removing the temporary files related to web browser.
  2. It makes the start up of system fast while removing the unnecessary software.
  3. Clears large storage space to remove the junk from registry.
  4. It very quickly detects the risky issues and resolves them automatically and enhances the performance of your system. 
  5. The schedule systematization scanning process makes your system stable and faster
  6. You can avail $38.95 for one PC, $78.95 for three PCs, $11.95 for five PCs with free trial version. 

Website: https://www.defencebyte.com/computer-optimizer


What are the repairing tools for PC?

PC Repairing tools are specific software for encountering the specific issues related to your digital machine and neutralizing them smartly and making your PC a perfect machine.

Are the repairing tools safe?

yes, multiple tools presented by some authentic companies are 100% safe from any type of bug, spyware, or adware. You can use them without any hassle.

What are the main features of these repairing tools?

these types of tools enhance the performance of your PC with the help of multiple features like targeting specific errors, scanning and resolving issues related to registry, cache, or Windows common issues, clearing the clutter, and a lot of other such activities.

Does Windows 10 have a repair tool?

Yes, Windows 10 have a repair tool with a troubleshooter that can very quickly troubleshoot the common issues related to Windows, but sometimes it can?t perform properly.

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