11 Best Instagram Story Viewer [2023 Anonymous]


Instagram is one of the most popular photos and video sharing platforms. Instagram Story Viewer with increasing footfalls along with evolving design and an intriguing feature is the best place for spending your free time. In 2016, Instagram has introduced the ?Story? option, in which users can upload their preferred content. The option has become the favorite, as you can upload your favorite moments, occasion, or activity. This content lasts for 24 hours, and you can upload another for the next time period. 

Watching stories uploaded by other people is also an interesting thing, but some people don?t like that, they prefer their privacy in their Insta accounts. Watching your story at tech outlets ?The Tab? and ?IG Reviews? will show the breakdown into two aspects;

  1. If the story viewers are less than 50, the list will be in sequential base with viewers who see first your story will be on the top of the ranking.
  2. But the viewers above 50 will make another ranking system based on DMs, comments, and so on. 

You can watch any one story on Insta anonymously. Luckily, several tools are available for watching without exposing you. You can check other people’s profiles without having an Insta account with the help of these ?Story Viewers?. Here a list of some most authentic Insta Story Viewers is presented for you to download and enjoy a lot;

1) Qoob Stories   

Qoob Stories is a powerful tool for downloading the entire Instagram media and watching videos and photos while maintaining your online privacy and security. You can use the tool for both public and private accounts. Access the app by entering your username and browsing anonymously everything. The auto-pilot mode will help you to download content from any of your favorite Insta accounts. 


Qoob Stories Features

  • Automated downloading content in bulk from Instagram. You need to set the updating time period, and sit back to your seat comfortably for uploading of fresh content by Auto-save option.
  •  Bookmark your favorite posts on Instagram and easily access offline to them.
  • Unlike the real app, you can view stories without interference of irritating ads.
  • You can use hashtags and location filters for downloading the content along with username. Just use filter for popular trends or locations and choose suggested options via hashtags, and start auto-downloading for posts, Instagram stories, and highlights.
  • The functional and stylish interface is very easy-to-use. Open the main screen, enter your hashtags or location, and select a profile, set all process from Settings button such as date, media type etc.
  • The subscription plans for the app are three;
  1. Free plan for testing or downloading 200 photos.
  2. Pro plan starts from $7 monthly which allows you to subscribe 10 accounts for downloading unlimited media.
  3. Avoid all type of restrictions in Professional plan which is start with $25 monthly and use the app for commercial level.

Website Link: https://www.qoob.co/product/stories/

2) Instalkr

Instalkr allows you to open any Instagram account without registering yourself. You can visit the app anonymously, like comments and followers without exposing your identity. You can get information incognito about changes in account, fresh subscription, posts, stories, comments, and followers about your required account on Insta via a daily report.


Instalkr Features

  • Easy access even to removed stories or posts is also possible. 
  • The app offers downloading option also, you can download content along with watching stories and posts.
  • The superfast tool gives easy access to its users, just enter your password, and watch any account you are interested in. 
  • You can check the account of any of your employee, wife, husband, or children. In the way you will find out all of activities of your relations in a better way.
  • The app is for free to use for primary purpose, you can also buy the Pro plan for more features.

Website Link: https://instalkr.com/

3) Ingramer

Ingramer is freeware, compatible with all types of devices, and gives you access to your favorite account without using any third-party help. The app requires a registration process from you to continue with it. You can use tools for business purposes also and attract the giant users of Insta to your products and services.


Ingramer Features

  • Simple interface offers six sections; download photos, download videos, download profile, download stories, download IG tv, and download DP. Visit the app, enter your URL, and watch the content you want.
  • You can watch and download the photo or videos on Instagram. You can use this content business as well as entertainment purpose, and gain information on clients, competitors, influencers on the platform. 
  • Chatbots and direct messaging are the best options for interacting the clients and boost up your revenue.
  • Subscription plan is $37 for two weeks, $57 for one month, and $144 for 3 months.

Website Link: https://ingramer.com/

4) InstaDP

InstaDP is a freeware and super-fast story viewer to enables users to watch posts, stories, and profiles on Instagram. You have to the copy/paste option, and paste your username in the search bar of the app, and redirected you to Instagram for enjoying a lot.


InstaDP features

  • The profile pictures on Instagram account are small in size, no tool can enlarge them, but InstaDP offers a zoom option to enlarge the pictures in high quality.
  • You are capable of watching the accounts of your families and friend incognito, and have a parental control on your children.
  • The simple UI offers the fastest downloading for photos, reels, and videos.
  • Absolutely free of cost.

Website Link: https://www.instadp.com/

5) Stories IG

Stories IG is the best story viewer, story downloader, and sharer. The minimalistic and easy-to-use design helps you to view photos, videos, and profile on Insta anonymously. Enter your username, click on the ?View? option, and wait for loading the content. You can directly watch them as well as download them for watching offline. 


Stories IG Features

  • No need of creating any account on Insta for watching photos, videos, and profile of any person you like.
  • The app offers free services to its users.
  • The cluttered and minimalistic interface offers a text box for pasting username, and selects accounts you want to view anonymously. 
  • You have the option to capture your favorite stories and share them on other social media platforms. 

Website Link: https://storiesig.net/

6) mSpy

mSpy is a parental control cell phone tracker and monitoring tool. Its Instagram tracker will allow parents to keep an eye on their children’s accounts. You can see all of the Instagram conversations and shared links. It can assist you in keeping track of popular messengers. It leaves no app icon on the phone and is completely undetectable.


mSpy Features:

  • mSpy displays information about incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and more.
  • It has the ability to display the current GPS location.
  • In stealth mode, it works.
  • It has screen-recording capabilities, as well as the ability to recover deleted messages and block websites and apps remotely.

Website Link: https://www.mspy.com/instagram-spy.html

7) StoriesDown

StoriesDown app offers a hassle-free process of watching and downloading the photos, videos, and profiles of any preferred person. The app is compatible with all types of devices enables you to access any Insta account easily by entering your username, watching stories or posts anonymously, and downloading them right to any of your devices.


StoriesDown Features

  • The app works on legal bases and shows only stories and posts of public accounts. You can?t peep into private accounts for watching their content. 
  • You can use the app for personal and professional use, the stories uploaded by you can attract some powerful business company, and you will be able of earn some revenue.
  • The app is absolutely free of cost.
  • You can download posts or stories and share with your friends and family.

Website Link: https://storiesdown.com/

8) IGStories.app

IGStories. the app is part of Upleaf, a larger ecosystem online platform. You can enjoy the end-to-end Instagram marketing services delivered by Upleaf via IGStories.app. the simple and minimalistic design gives you any type of liberty of watching photos, videos, and the profile of your required person. 


IGStories.app Features

  • The app best integration with Computer. You can?t use it easily for Android or iPhone mobiles.
  • The app is the best choice of Insta stalkers who want to view stories of others without coming to their knowledge.
  • Browse incognito and watch stories, photos, videos, and profiles of others, download them, and share them on any other platform. 
  • The app with freeware license works superfast and gives easy access to Instagram public accounts.

Website Link: https://igstories.app/

9) Anonymous Instagram

Anonymous Instagram secretly tracks down Insta stories, highlights, live broadcasting, posts, likes, and comments. You just use the app for online watching photos or video, and can?t download as well as save the content to your device.


Anonymous Instagram Features

  • Basic UI with simple process demands no registration form filling or other such activity. You will find a text box where you need to paste or enter your username and get easy access to any public account.
  • Watch videos, photos, stories, and profiles anonymously.
  • The app is absolutely free of charge.

Website Link: https://insta-stories.ru/?lang=en

10) Instastories

Instastories with fun and simple UI help you to spend your free time in watching photos, videos, and stories on any Insta account you desired for. The app offers to download option right to any of your devices. No, bother with filling the registration form, just access the app, feed with your username, and enjoy watching unlimited content.


Instastories Features

  • Use the app and get access to any brand, sports, or entertainment account, and update yourself with new styles.
  • High quality downloading process enables you to share your favorite posts or stories to any other social media platform.
  • The app is compatible to all type of devices such as Android, iOS devices, windows, or Mac.
  • The app offers free services with no subscription plan.

Website Link: https://www.insta-stories.com/en

11) Dumpor

The clean, clutter-free, and immaculate interface gives fast access specifically right to business. You can easily analyze any accounts and know about its likes, comments, and followers. Like other apps, here you also have no need to sign up for the app. Simply enter your username in the text box, and start watching any type of content you want.


Dumpor Features

  • The app gives you chance of watching photos, videos, and stories on Insta anonymously.
  • Analyze any account you want.
  • Absolutely free of cost app.
  • Simple and clutter-free UI.

Website Link: https://dumpor.com/


How can I watch Instagram stories anonymously?

you can use an Insta Story Viewer tool for watching stories, photos, videos, and posts of others anonymously. These types of tools require no registration or sign-up demands.

What is the process of watching stories through these tools?

You need to follow the given steps;
1. Open the app and paste or enter your username in the given text box.
2. Tap the ?Watch? button.
3. Wait for downloading the required content.
4. You are ready to watch the downloaded content.
5. You can save also the content right to your device.

What are the file formats supported by this tool?

most tools use the MP4 for downloading videos and JPEG for downloading photos.

Enlists some popular Insta Story Viewer tools?

Here is the list of some popular Insta Stories Viewers is presented
Qoob Stories
Stories IG
Anonymous Instagram

What types of devices are used by these tools?

The Insta Stories Viewers tools are compatible with all types of devices including iOS, Android, Windows, and so on.?

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