How to Cleanup Pictures and Remove Objects from Photos


Cleanup Picture is a freeware Web as well as a mobile app for removing unwanted objects, dates, people, etc from your image. It is simple and easy to use, in comparison to Photoshop where removing unwanted parts is bothersome work. Samsung?s AI Lab has developed it as an open-source utility. Taking photographs is great fun, but it is necessary to create a balance between all elements existing in a photo, and it can be achieved by improving your skills.? No doubt, most professional skills can also leave some artifacts that can cause some distraction from the main content.

1. Go to the main screen of the app:
2. tap on the ?Upload photo? option, and upload a photo in JPG, PNG, or HEIC file format using the drag & drop option.
3. Make sure, the selected image would be with clear edges.
4. Head to different removal tools, and use them one by one to remove your unwanted objects.
5. You can go back to the original part by clicking undo option.
6. After completing the editing process, download the newly edited image.
7. Save it to your storage with a clean background.
8. Share it with your friends on any social media platform.


Avoid the ridiculous situation with the help of multiple editing apps i.e. Cleanup Pictures that allows you to get rid of these unnecessary parts with a few clicks. Simply, go to the main screen of the app, import photos, and fix all vulnerabilities to create an attractive background. You are capable of re-designing your content and filling the missing space for YouTube thumbnails.

Simple & Easy to use

The simple and easy-to-use process offered by the app is one of the most important features. Don?t waste your time in downloading as well as installing the process, as the app offers a direct processing option, plus compatibility with all types of operating systems. Maybe you have to spend a lot of time and effort for the purpose. Click the here box from the explorer, select the required photo, and import it using the drag & drop option. One thing that is important is that you can save the image in the 720px extension for the old version and 2048px for the powerful versions.

Fast & Reliable

You will find all processes quite easy, as you import the photo, and select the unwanted objects using mouse pointer. Multiple adjustments are possible as the size of the photo and waiting for a magic trick. After that compare both pictures and press the ?Undo? button if you are not satisfied with the new change. In case of any issue accruing in the algorithm, press CTRL+Z/Cmd+Z, and try again. Select the boundaries accurately and save your masterpiece to your PC. You can use the zoom option for selecting smaller objects i.e. spots on the face and get perfect outcomes. 


Remove Limitless Objects

The app offers services for multiple situations including cleaning of background, removing skin blemishes, fixing scratches, straying dusty specks, filling up some missing space for YouTube Thumbnail, and much more. No matter, what type of elements, you want to erase, the handy tool will quickly cope with the task. So, the app offers quick service for overcoming the vulnerabilities that take much time in Photoshop or any other such photo editing app. 

Remove Watermarks & Stamps

The app uses it as a photo stamp remover as well as a watermark remover. Keep in mind, the removal of watermarks proves a violation of ethical standards, or it is illegal to remove them from photos, as the images including watermarks have restrictive photography copyright. There is only one way of removing the watermark is the license for the purpose. 

Latest Technology

The powerful AI photo editors including content-aware technology make the web app fill the area from where the objects are removed. It offers nearby pixels for the purpose. It offers tools quite similar to Photoshop while using artificial intelligence algorithms for removing as well as filling areas quickly. It makes your photos perfect, as no one can observe the edited parts easily. 

Remove People & Text

We capture a photo of any picnic point i.e. beach, and a lot of people are captured also, it creates irritation as we want to get them out of our photo. Use the Pixelcut tool and brush the unwanted people and easily hide them from view.

Avoid Blemishes

You can cover any blemish using the tool to make your skin flawless. Simply use your fingers to swipe over the blemishes and get smooth skin with a cool shine and enhance your confidence. 

Pro Version

The app is available in both; free and paid versions. If you want to change your photo with basic tools, the free version is the best option. In case of getting some extra performance or you want to use the app professionally, simply go for the pro version. The app offers three subscription plans i.e. 

  1. Free plan with limited exporting option up to 720px, 
  2. Monthly plan with $5 for HD export option, 
  3. Yearly plan $24 for HD export option

Final Words

All-in-all, Cleanup Picture is a wonderful app that offers groundbreaking features for your ease. The terrible web app works quickly in comparison to any other app and makes your photo or image free from all types of objects including people, background, watermarks, blemishes, and so on. It is quite easy and simple to use equally reliable for both professionals and novices, as multiple handy brushes are introduced by developers to make your editing process easier. 


Why Cleanup Picture is better than other such apps?

Cleanup. Picture offers Artificial Intelligence technology, and is capable of performing well than any other clone stamp tool.?

Is Cleanup. Picture free?

You can use the basic version of the app without spending any money, but the export is limited to 720px, and if you require a lot, then you need to purchase a subscription plan.?

Can I use Cleanup? Picture for my iOS or Android device?

Yes, you need to download ClipDrop iOS App for iOS devices or add the official website of the app to your home screen to use it for your Android or iOS device.

What image resolutions can Cleanup? Picture manage.

Yes, you need to download ClipDrop iOS App for iOS devices or add the official website of the app to your home screen to use it for your Android or iOS device.

What is the procedure for removing blemishes or wrinkles?

The app offers different types of brushes to remove blemishes or wrinkles from pictures