16 Best Fake Temp Email Generators (2023 Latest)


A fake email generator is the best way of avoiding spam emails to your mailbox. You can easily sign up for any website for getting any type of information, post comments, and download. You can get rid of spammy messages, browse anonymously, and stay safe and secure.

The process of generating a fake email address is very simple. Write a username and select the domain name from the given list in the generator, and click to generate the address.

Email address is the most important part of internet activities including our personal information. So we need to protect it and don?t write original email addresses anywhere, because a lot of websites collect these types of data and sell them to agencies that can use it for different purposes.

Additionally, you can avoid security issues, as according to one research email is the basic source of delivering malware, and it can be a threat to the whole system.

Multiple Temp Mail Generator are available in the market. You need to select an authentic one because most of them are unreliable. Here, we create a list of 16 most reliable generators. You can choose any of them;

1. EmailFake.com
2. Burnermail
3. Fake Mail Generator
4. BLUR System
5. Email Generator
6. MailCatch
7. YOPMail
8. Throwawaymail
9. Temp-mail
10. Mailinator
11. Dispostable
12. GuerrillaMail
13. Email on Deck
14. 10MinuteMail.com
15. Getnada
16. Trash Mail

1) EmailFake.com

EmailFake.com is the best solution for creating fake mailing addresses. You need not enter any password and take work as a regular mailing address. Avoid spammy, threats, and stay protected with the generator.


EmailFake.com Features

  • The best option of the app is that you can create Google mailing address.
  • You need to follow three steps for creating fake address in the app; create a domain, register it, and create domain name servers.
  • You can customize it by changing the settings of domain, popup messages, and sound notifications.
  • The user-friendly interface with easy navigation is like a piece of cake for you.

Website: https://emailfake.com/

2) Burnermail

Burnermail is a program that allows you to create fictitious email addresses and use them to sign up for any website. Multiple recipients can be added to your account.


Burnermail Features

  • You can use a burner email address to respond to conversations.
  • Allows you to create a number of different email addresses.
  • You can use an online mailbox to manage your mail.
  • Provides Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other browser extensions.
  • It makes it simple to protect your emails and privacy.

Website: https://burnermail.io/

3) Fake Mail Generator

fake email generator offers the best services to its subscribers by eliminating the irritating interfering of spammers to your mailbox. The freeware generator helps you to select a domain name from the list of 10 domain names.


Fake Mail Generator Features

  • Create disposable email address for sending and receiving the mails.
  • Use a list of 10 domain name for generating fake address.
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • No registration requirements are demanded.
  • Received mail will be deleted after 24 hours forever.
  • Email account personalization is possible.

Website: https://fakemailgenerator.com/

4) BLUR System

The BLUR system is an application that allows you to easily mask your email address, credit card number, and mobile number. This program keeps track of your personal information so you don’t have to.


BLUR System Features

  • The call from the masked phone will be forwarded to you via voice mail or text message.
  • A site with a masked email address will be privately forwarded to your email address.
  • Maintain your privacy while completing online transactions with ease.
  • It has a user interface that is intuitive.

Website: https://dnt.abine.com/

5) Email Generator

Generate your fake email address with one click. The generating process consists of two steps and it has 139 days for uptime. When the mailing addresses are removed, you will receive a popup message, now you can create another mailing address.


Email Generator Features

  • Receive sound alerts and pop-up messages, if you can?t like the option; simply disable it from the settings.
  • You can use second-level domain with the app.
  • You can receive notifications for incoming calls also.
  • Create fake email id without registering.

Website: https://generator.email/

6) MailCatch

MailCatch is a free email service that allows you to create your own disposable mailboxes. Your [email protected] email address would be your email address. Premium service allows for email forwarding and a private MailCatch host.


MailCatch Features

  • Based on server load, it removes email addresses.
  • Choose a username that is between 1 and 25 characters long.
  • It comes with a Firefox add-on.
  • It can be used as many times as you want.

Website: https://mailcatch.com/

7) YOPMail

YOPMail is the best solution for getting rid of spam mails to your mailbox. The feature-rich service enables you to create a disposable email address that lasts for eight days. You can access directly to the app by using Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera extension.


YOPMail Features

  • The app is faster and reliable for creating fake email addresses.
  • No need of registration is require.
  • The email address will be used for eight days, and you need to create another address once again.
  • Use the created mailing address for visiting different web sites that are demanding for signing in.
  • The auto-generated interface works without any password.

Website: http://www.yopmail.com/en/email-generator.php

8) Throwawaymail

Throwawaymail means create the mailing address, use it, and then throw it away. The app is helpful for signing into the sites that you are using temporarily. The expiry date of the email address is two days, so you can create as many addresses as you want.


Throwawaymail Features

  • You will receive an email as soon as a mailing address is created by you.
  • Your email address will be used by you exclusively.
  • Create unlimited emails without any registration.
  • Absolutely free of cost.

Website: https://www.throwawaymail.com/

9) Temp-mail

Temp-mail is a fake email generator that provides a temporary email address. After you’ve created an email, temp mail will be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time has passed.


Temp-mail Features

  • It’s the most advanced disposable email service available, and it keeps you safe.
  • You can keep your inbox free of spam, hackers, and attacking robots by doing so.

Website: https://temp-mail.org/

10) Mailinator

Mailinator is the best fake email generator to avoid spammer and QA testing. You can use the app for testing your business workflow, customer email interaction, and sending as well as receiving capabilities.


Mailinator Features

  • Auto-discarding of spam email is available with the app.
  • The generator is used as public service and lot of businessmen use it to test their workflow, and an ideal choice for both big and small business.
  • You need not the delete the coming mails, the auto deleted option will remove all mails after few hours.
  • It is simple and easy to use with multiple options such as upgrade option, privacy option and storage option.
  • The app offers three subscription plans; Personal plan is for free, Team Plus plan is $159 monthly, and Enterprise plan is the pro plan with extra features.

Website: https://www.mailinator.com/

11) Dispostable

Dispostable is a wonderful tool with the capability of creating custom email addresses. The process is very simple, you need to fill in the address and tap to ?Enter? key, and the address will be generated within few seconds. You can just receive mails and can?t send messages through the app, because the app is developed to avoid spammers not spreading spammy content.


Dispostable Features

  • Simple and clear user-friendly interface is best for beginners.
  • Protect your privacy by auto-deleting of received messages.
  • Continuously monitoring of coming messages.
  • Create custom email address.
  • Generate unlimited mails.

Website: https://www.dispostable.com/

12) GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail is another best way of avoiding spammer?s interference to your personal as well as official mailbox. You can select a name from the list of 10 domain names for creating unlimited addresses. You send emails with attachments up to 150KB per email. The attachments will be removed after one day automatically.


GuerrillaMail Features

  • The generator is the best choice to stop hackers and spammers from distributing malware.
  • The app is with original IP address in the mail header.
  • Absolutely the app offers its free services to its users.
  • The mail is valid for sixty seconds.
  • The app is compatible with Android-powered smartphone.

Website: https://www.guerrillamail.com/

13) Email on Deck

Email On Deck is a one-stop-shop for all things related to disposable, temporary, and throwaway email addresses. It is one of the most effective temporary email services for protecting your online privacy and avoiding spam.


Email on Deck Features

  • The system deletes email addresses on a regular basis.
  • Friendly to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Temporary can be made in a few simple steps.
  • Allows you to protect your privacy by preventing spam from entering your inbox.

Website: https://www.emailondeck.com/

14) 10MinuteMail.com

10MinuteMail.com offers an amazing process of generating fake emails. The app generates an email after every 10 minutes. Resetting of options is possible with an exclusive click. The free-of-cost services run on the revenue by ads and donations.


10MinutesMail.com Features

  • Auto-creation of email id is supported; you can?t enter email id or password manually.
  • Reducing of error is also supported.
  • Recovery of an expired mailbox is possible before its permanent removed.
  • You need not to sign-up process to use the generator.
  • The app offers free of cost services.
  • The mail will be valid up to 100 minutes.

Website: https://10minutemail.com

15) Getnada

Getnada mail is a temporary email address that can be used in place of your primary email address. We provide you with a temporary email address when you register for the service; use this temporary email address when registering for untrusted websites. As a result, the site will send spam to your temporary email address while keeping your real address safe.


Getnada Features

  • Getnada lets you create an unlimited number of inboxes.
  • Messages will appear without having to refresh the page.
  • The Chrome extension can also be used to access the service.
  • For Android devices, you can use a mobile application.

Website: https://getnada.com/

16) Trash Mail

Trash Mail is the best way of sending and receiving disposable mails with written anonymous attachments. You can forward any mail to your personal mailbox from the app. Enter a username, select a domain name, and settle a fake email address easily.


Trash Mail Features

  • Use a CAPTHA for getting filtered mails.
  • SSL connection is available to make your sending of mails safe and secure.
  • Intuitive interface uses a password to protect your mailing process.
  • Auto-deleting of mails makes your mailing box clear and clean.
  • Absolutely free of charge.

Website: https://www.trash-mail.com/en/


How does an email fake generator help us?

an email fake generator enables us to create a fake mailing address for us to avoid spammers or hackers delivering malware via email.

What is the process of generating a fake email?

1. you need to follow the given instructions;
2. Visit any fake email generator site from the list given above.
3. Tick the CAPTCHA if it is given.
4. Enter a fake username, and select a domain name if the list is given in the app, otherwise, you can enter your own domain name.
5. Click the ?Generate? button, and you will receive an email with the fake email address. Or it will be generated on the app itself.
6. Copy the email address and use it for sending and receiving emails, or sign in to any website for a temporary period.

Enlists some important and popular fake email generators.

1. Email Fake.com
2. 10MinuteMail.com
3. Trash Mail
4. Mailinator
5. YOPMail
6. GuerrillaMail
7. Throwawaymail
8. Disposable
9. Email Generator
10. Fake Mail Generator

How can I check the fake email?

check the spelling and URL. Because a misspelled domain name with other suspicious signs and attachments, and poorly written emails are fake.

Using a fake email address is legal or illegal?

it depends on your intention, if you use it for spreading spammy content or delivering malware, it will be illegal. But if you use it just for signing up to different websites on a temporary basis and to avoid spam emails to your personal mailbox. You can use it for positive purposes.?