12 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android [Updated 2023]


Photo editing apps offer the best opportunity to create uniqueness and style to your photos and enable you to upload them on any social media platform. You will find a plethora of photo editing apps on Google Play Store and even some other 3rd-parties that help you to improve the look of your photo, and impress your community a lot. 

Most of the users want to know details about such photo editing apps. Are you one of them? You are in the right place, as we are going to discuss some of the most favorite and popular photo editing apps. Our list will give you a chance to select anyone without wasting your time testing all photo editors.  

12 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

  1. PhotoDirector – Create amazing animation
  2. YouCam Perfect – Multiple reset filters, animating stickers
  3. Pixlr – Collage templates help you to create a masterpiece
  4. PicsArt – Use effects in real-time
  5. Lightroom Photo – Adjustment tools for adjusting light
  6. Adobe Photoshop Camera – Latest lens improves the adjusting options
  7. Canva – 2, 50,000 templates, 5GB cloud storage, and multiple graphics
  8. Prisma – Swap your background with one-click
  9. piZap – Offers several fun and funky styles
  10. AirBrush – Naturally beauty while using several beautifying tools
  11. SnapSpeed – Basic tools i.e. cropping, correction, sharpening
  12. FaceTune – Equipped with beautifying tools

1) PhotoDirector 

PhotoDirector is the best development of Shutterstock and iStock equally reliable for both; professional users and beginners. It was designed for PCs as an alternative to Photoshop, but now you can use it for your Smartphone also. Give a stunning style to your quickly captured snap while using multiple professional-quality editing tools. 

The user-friendly interface is packed with multiple editing tools for adjusting the basic exposure, removing all unnecessary objects, denoising photos, and so on. You can stylize your photos by fixing all blurry areas, and poor lighting, and using sliders for brightness, tone, exposure, contrast, darkness, and much more. 


Main Features

  • Create amazing animation
  • Remove people and unwanted objects using AI technology
  • Multiple beauty tools for retouching photos, removing eye bags, teeth whitening
  • AI tool for removing background
  • Enriched with stock library

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2) YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect empowered with AI-powered technology and multiple other beauty tools enable you to create a ground-breaking style for your photos. Multiple advanced tools i.e. AI Object Removal enhance the editing process by removing unwanted objects, changing of background, and getting dreamy skies with the help of Sky Replacement. 

Moreover, several tuners for the body, as well as the face, are available to reshape your body. In addition, multiple stickers, animation, and effects help you to give a creative look to your photos. 


Main Features

  • AI technology enables you to get rid of unwanted objects.
  • Sky Replacement and Background Changer help you to completely change your photo.
  • Multiple reset filters, animating stickers, and effects are available.
  • One-click operation
  • Aesthetic collages and templates are part of the app.

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3) Pixlr

Pixlr is another wonderful photo editing software for mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices. it offers multiple ground-breaking tools i.e. Color Splash for selecting a single color, Focal Blur for adding blur effect, Double Exposure for overlaying multiple photos, Automatic Fix for balancing colors, and so on. 

It is available in both; free and paid versions, but the free version is limited to only editing tools. It is in fact a competitor of SnapSpeed to offer equal chances for regular or irregular users. Multiple brushes help you to doodle, brighten, darken, and pixelate photos. No doubt, an enriched library of editing tools makes your editing of photos reliable.


Main Features

  • Available in free as well as paid versions to offer amazing editing tools.
  • Collage templates help you to create a masterpiece.
  • The user-friendly interface is very simple and easy to use.

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4) PicsArt

PicsArt is an all-in-one photo and video editing app to offer a hassle-free creative experience. Capture a photo right from your camera while applying filters, effects, and overlays. All basic editing tools i.e. cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating, etc are available to beautify your photos. create interesting material while tweaking and adjusting to your photos and share with your friends and family. 

The beginner-friendly app offers multiple manual editing processes along with automatic retouches. Enhance the beauty of a picture with a wide variety of stickers, fix face or body structure, face complexion, and multiple other amazing changes. The downside of the app is ad pop-ups that create incontinence in the workflow. 

Main Features

  • Multiple competitions or challenges are there to help the users to enhance their creativity.   
  • Create unusual images, collages, and photographic images.
  • Use effects in real-time.
  • Multiple makeup tools to change your face i.e. hair color, skin tone, and reshape your body.

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5) Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor is offered by Adobe to avail professional and HDR images with the help of the Pro camera feature. You will find multiple tutorials in the Learn section to enhance your editing skill. Go to the ?Discover section? to avail a plethora of features for editing your photos. 

The app is one of the most popular apps on the Play Store with 100M+ downloads. It also offers Watermark or Copyright sign for your images and a selection of artistic filters is also possible with the app. It is free of charge along with a subscription plan for some additional features. 


Main Features

  • The user interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • Multiple high-quality adjustment tools for adjusting light, detail, color, distortion, and grain of the image.
  • Equally reliable for RAW files and high-quality image formats.

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6) Adobe Photoshop Camera

The wonderful app is with AI function, Adobe Sensei for masking, correcting, and use of some special effects. The filters offered by the app, known as ?Lenses? help you to add colors, light your image, and transform effects to your photos. Several lenses offer animated elements including shooting stars, and moveable smart objects to stylize your photos. 

In fact, it offers a lot of features for beginners a lot instead of skilled workers. Simply go for the lens library and have fun with interesting as well as artistic effects for creating ground-breaking content.

Main Features

  • The regular addition of the latest lens improves the adjusting options.
  • Use masks and filters according to your photo.
  • Equally reliable for both beginners and skilled professionals. 

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7) Canva

Canva is with a simple and easy-to-use interface that offers a wide variety of customized templates. Select any of your required templates for making personalized adjustments. Avail unique graphics for creating your Instagram story or craft a post for any other social media platform. One downside of the app, it has limited effects to resize, adjust colors, and overlay filters for your photos. 

You can get a lot of features with the free version, and if you want some extra, go for an upgrade version, and enjoy a lot of elements, templates, and functionality. The unique library of templates is for you to create content for all popular social media platforms i.e. YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and so on. 


Main Features

  • The free version is equipped with 2, 50,000 templates, 5GB of cloud storage, and multiple graphics.
  • Canava Pro and Canava Enterprise are upgraded versions while offering extra templates, BrandKit, and multiple advanced tools.
  • Create a team for collaborating your content with your colleagues to create unique presentations, invitations, graphs, work reports, planners, etc. 

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8) Prisma

With a single click, make your photo into painting style i.e. Dallas, Mosaic, and Gothic. It is also available in Thota Vaikuntan or Daryl Feril. It can make changes in the person in the image while leaving the background in its original form, or make changes to the background to match the personality. It enables the users to take control of the intensity and saturation of applied effects.

It offers AI technology along with all basic filters and effects to avail photorealistic results. You are capable of selecting the frame offered by the app to adjust your painted photo and upload it to any social media app. Remove your background using the background removal tool, and use the color option to swap out your background.

Main Features

  • Wide variety of painting styles, as you will find 700+ styles in the library.
  • Adjust your edited photo by selecting your favorite frames.
  • Swap your background with one click.
  • Filters are updated frequently.

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9) piZap

piZap is a unique photo editing app that offers fun and funky aesthetic styles. It optimizes the content with new experiments, as you do need not any professional skill, but get outputs in professional styles.

The user-friendly interface is very clear and intuitive; it enables you to select options before starting the editing process. You are capable of selecting Instagram or Facebook story or post for any social media platform, YouTube Channel, Art, and so on. A wide variety of fonts, stickers, and other stock media is available for giving your content a unique and attractive look.

Avail of the unique feature ?MEME Maker? to create interesting memes while using templates, images, and animated GIFs. Moreover, the app frequently updates the entire material for your ease to make your posts viral, funny memes, and unique stories. One downside of the app, it doesn?t completely control multiple advanced editing tools. 


Main Features

  • Integrated with multiple popular social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.
  • Create unique and funny memes.
  • Offers several fun and funky styles.

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10) AirBrush

AirBrush is one of the most popular pro-level photo editing apps, as it has 154,000 positive reviews on App Store. Avail multiple ground-breaking tools i.e. skin retouching, teeth, whitening, body reshaping, and so on. It also explains several tips and tricks in the blogs. 

Avail a wide range of beauty tools for making changes to your body i.e. blush your cheeks, tune your body shape, improve your skin tone, and give a natural beauty look to your photos. The free version is also good, but the Pro version is embedded with multiple amazing advanced features.

Main Features

  • 300+ filters are available with regular new updates.
  • Create natural beauty while using several beautifying tools.
  • Edit your content and share it on any social media platform right from your device.  

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11) SnapSpeed

SnapSpeed is offered by Google with ensured quality and reliability of editing your images. Change your black-and-white aesthetics into grainy film, and use multiple tools including lens blur, HDR Scape, and Glamour Glow. A wide variety of brushes helps you to adjust the exposure, temperature, and saturation level of entire an image or any selected part also. 

The healing feature is for removing unwanted parts of the image with a single click. Next, the Head Pose feature is for changing facial features i.e. size, smile, and facial length. Similarly, Curves, Double exposure, Lens blur, and Tonal contrast is amazing tools for creating a masterpiece. The stand-out app with impressive functionality gives a unique and attractive look to your quickly captured snaps and selfies. 

Main Features

  • Support RAW, JPG, and DNG formats for editing.
  • Multiple basic tools i.e. cropping, correction, sharpening, and so on.
  • Around 29 features and filters are part of this amazing editor. 

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12) FaceTune

FaceTune, as the name shows, is basically designed for retouching your face. It inquires about the user experience before starting the editing process and offers an auto-customization process to create the interface according to your skill and experience. Simply apply the makeup tools to give a fine tone to your skin while removing the blemishes. Similarly, carry on multiple other complex operations including the reshaping of your body, whitening your teeth, and even changing the color of your hair. 

Main Features

  • Equipped with beautifying tools
  • Simple and customized interface

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Final Words

So friends, we hope, you have read the entire review, and are capable of selecting your favorite one. We have given the complete details, now it?s about you, to select the app that better matches your Smartphone.  You have the option to use the free version or go for the premium version as you want.


Why do we need to use a photo editing app on mobile?

There are two main factors for using photo editing apps on a Smartphone;
You can edit your photo anytime from any location without any bothering of getting access to a PC.
Now, Smartphones are equipped with cameras, and we take photos from them, so the editing app makes your photo editing process easy and reliable.

What are the main features of a photo editing app?

1. User-friendly and simple interface
2. Support for AI technology
3. Support for animation and GIFs
4. Color effects and filters
5. Beautifying tools
6. Sky Replacement

Name some popular photo editing apps.

1. SnapSpeed
2. Prisma
3. Canava
4. Adobe Photoshop Camera
5. PhotoLeap

Are there any photo editing apps available for novices?

1. Adobe Lightroom
2. GoDaddy Studio
3. Instagram
4. Afterlight
5. Lens Distortions
6. Prisma
7. Foodie

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